Client Survey - Our client survey will help you focus your thoughts and plan your new website. Your answers will become the basis of the website.

Give your customers what they want .

Design for your visitors

Design doesn’t start with fancy graphics and cool logos. Design starts with finding out about your customers. Who are they? What do they want from your website? With the answers to these questions firmly in our minds we begin building your new website. From the site structure to the content, everything has to work towards your goals.

Take control with a dynamic website

Websites should be alive, which means they're going to grow and change. You don't have to email you web guy to make changes, do them yourself with a dynamic website. Depending on the size and needs of your website, your dynamic website may be as simple as editing the text on each page or a fully dynamic site where you can add new categories and pages.

eCommerce - play with the big boys

Blue Avenue eCommerce sites are easy-to-use for both the visitors and administrator.

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