Keyword List - Keyword research happens before any marketing or design occurs. This worksheet will help you create a list of 50 words and phrases that people may use to look for your website.
Client Survey - Our client survey will help you focus your thoughts and plan your new website. Your answers will become the basis of the website.
Search Engine Marketing - This is an introduction to search engine marketing and what you need to know to understand the search engines.

Every journey begins with the first step.

The best websites have lots of client participation. You know your customers better than anyone and we want that to shine through on your website. Building a new website can be a big job, but we have broken it down into manageable tasks. Once you complete the tasks on this page, we'll take care of the rest.

Keyword List

What words will people enter into a search engine to find your website? Before we start discussing marketing or design, we start with keyword research. You'll come up with 50 or more words and phrases you think people might use to find your website. Then, we cross-reference them to actual search engine entries. This way we know what words people are actually using and the potential traffic to your website. Our Keyword List will help you brainstorm a list of keywords.
Download the Keyword List

Client Survey

Our client survey helps you focus your thoughts by breaking down the entire website into a series of questions. We then use your answers as the basis of the website.
Download the Client Survey

Online Marketing Overview

Search engines are the primary source of visitors for most websites. You need to understand how they work so you understand how it effects the design and content of the entire site.
Download the Online Marketing Overview

Gather Content

Content includes everything visitors can see - text, photos, price lists, etc. It's your job to put everything together and deliver it so the development phase is not delayed.

Prepare Internally

Depending on the goals of your website you may need to prepare for internal changes like assigning someone to gathering content or hiring more staff to answer phone calls.

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